Boyle County Genealogical & Historical Society, Inc.

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Welcome to the web site for
Boyle County Genealogical & Historical Society, Inc.
Danville-Boyle County, Kentucky

Join us on Facebook at the new location Boyle County Genealogical and Historical Society, Inc.

The Boyle County Genealogical & Historical Society, Inc. of Danville, Kentucky, would like to invite you to our meetings every third Monday of the month at 6:30 p.m., unless indicated differently on the Calendar page.  The meeting location is the Boyle County Public Library at the corner of Broadway and Third Street, Danville unless otherwise noted. Everyone is welcome to come hear interesting speakers, including non-members. 

For those of you who are fans, you will also enjoy the group site there called "You may be from Boyle County if ...."  The site contains many old pictures of our county, also with interesting tidbits about schools, people, places and events.  Try it out and see if you don't enjoy it.


To those of you who are interested in receiving our e-mail newsletter every two months, the following memberships are available:  Individual membership - $10, Family Membership - $15, Student membership - $7, and Corporate Sponsor - $100,  For mailed paper copies of the newsletter, please add $5 to to any of the above memberships in order to cover postage.  Send your membership dues to Carolyn Crabtree, treasurer; Boyle County Genealogical & Historical Society, Inc. (BCGHS); P.O. Box 24, Parksville, KY 40464. 

An example of the newsletter can be read at January 2017


REMEMBER: All dues-paying members of Boyle County Genealogical & Historical Society, Inc. get a 10% discount on any of the books that the group is selling.   Just make sure that we are aware of this when you order your product.  This discount does not apply to the Newsletter.


Send payments to Treasurer, Carolyn Crabtree, Boyle County Genealogical & Historical Society, Inc.; P. O. Box 24, Parksville, KY 40464

It's History from Brenda's Notebook by Brenda Edwards -- a collection of Brenda's Newspaper Articles written over the last 30 years for the Danville newspapers; reflects the history of Danville and surrounding areas in all areas of life $20 $23
Early Days in Danville by Calvin Fackler -- a history book about Danville from its settlement to the 1940s $13 $16
Danville in the Blue Grass and Historic Homes of Danville by Calvin Fackler -- two small pictorial booklets $8 $10
Boyle County Cemetery Records CD -- includes a list of people buried in Boyle County Cemeteries with the 1992 Cemetery Book of Boyle County Scanned onto the CD and Bellevue Cemetery corrected to 2017.  New edition is know listings and their identified  graves in the African-American Cemeteries as of 2019.  $15 $18


For those of you who need help with genealogy you may receive free help at the Forkland Abraham Lincoln Museum on Saturdays from 12 noon to 4 pm from May -October or by appointment at other times.  The museum and genealogy center there is open every Saturday from May 4th - October 26.  We welcome visitors to the museum on those Saturdays and again, by appointment at other times.  For appointments call Wayne Thurman at 859-936-7489 or e-mail him at  You may also e-mail Carolyn Crabtree at


Contact Information:
Mike Denis or Carolyn Crabtree
Boyle County Genealogical & Historical Society, Inc.
P.O. Box 24
Parksville, KY 40464-0125